NCAA Tournament 2012: East Region, Instant Analysis

Top 4 seeds: Syracuse, Ohio State, Florida State, Wisconsin

Knee-jerk favorite: Can I say “wide open”. My jerking knee says this is a balanced free for all. Syracuse is the #1 seed and favorite.

Double-digit seed capable of a run: Texas as an #11. Yeah, they didn’t win the games to have a better seed, but played close games with Kansas, Missouri and Baylor, all top 3 seeds. They went 3-2 versus Kansas State and Iowa State, two 8’s. J’Covan Brown. (and yes, Rick Barnes coaches the team, it’s knee jerk, people).

The committee screwed up: This seems like the most balanced region of the tourney, and while I think Southern Miss is vastly overrated, the rest is fine. If Kansas State beats them, that sets up a difficult matchup for the ‘Cuse, relatively speaking, because of the Cats physical style and ability to get on the offensive glass.

Knee jerk Regional Final guess: Man, I don’t know. Syracuse needs to get past K-State and Wisconsin. Florida State is rolling. I’ll say Wisconsin versus Florida State in mild upsets with room to reconsider upon sleeping on it. I may just as easily take Vandy or Syracuse all the way.

[photo via US Presswire]


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