Has Peyton Manning Looked at How Hard Denver's Schedule is in 2012?

Peyton Manning will be talking to the Titans and Dolphins in coming days (but not the Chiefs and Seahawks, apparently), and according to the frothy media, Denver is the leader.

Hey Peyton, I wanted to take this opportunity to remind you just how brutal Denver’s 1st place schedule is next year:

* non-conference road games: at Baltimore, Cincinnati, New England, Atlanta, Carolina.

* Of their eight road games, only two are against sub-.500 teams (Carolina and Kansas City). One team has Cam Newton, the other was beset by injuries last year, and should be much-improved.

* The non-conference home schedule isn’t as daunting (Cleveland and Tampa are bad), but does include the Saints, Steelers and Texans, all Top 10 teams.

The AFC West is pretty putrid, and even with Peyton Manning, I’m not sure 10 wins is possible. Good thing Tebow isn’t going to be the starter. He’d be lucky to lead them to six wins against that group.


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