Super Fight League Has an Astoundingly Horrible "Anthem"

Super Fight League is “India’s first professionally organized Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) fighting league.” On Sunday they held their first event and it seems the only notable thing to come out of it was the Super Fight League Anthem. Go ahead. Give it a listen. It’s fucking horrendous.

The first time I listened I thought it sounded like a Lonely Island song where they were combining riffs from The Darkness with Limp Bizkit lyrics and had the whole mess remixed by Skrillex. Upon the second listen, it became clear that this was actually something Axl Rose left on the cutting room floor somewhere around 1999 while he was making Chinese Democracy. Somebody found it, took lyrics from one of Fred Durst’s old notebooks and had Tommy Lee lay down the vocals. Whatever this is, it’s the absolute worst. You can close that discussion thread.

[via Bloody Elbow]

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