People Wearing Bubbles Crashing Into Each Other to Limp Bizkit's Faith

Bodyzorbing – Latest adrenaline atraction.avi from Funway on Vimeo.

This video comes from an e-mail that looked a lot like spam. Right down to the subject “Hi there.” I clicked the link within and was no disappointed. (Though my computer is acting kind of funny now.) Allow me to introduce you to “bodyzorbing.” Soundtrack by Limp Bizkit.

Oh yes, you can make it! Forget about your worries and awaken in yorself child’s playfulness. For bodyzorbing, you do not have the strength, best condition or 20 years. Bodyzorb do everything for you. Do you want to get away from everyday sorrows carousel? That is why we are here! :)

I’m constantly saying I need to get away from the everyday sorrows carousel. That’s the worst ride in the entire depressed theme park of sadness. Bodyzorb 4 life!

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