Dwight Howard Does NOT Pledge to Stay in Orlando Through Next Season [UPDATE]

Dwight Howard is acting on the advice of his agent. Part of that advice should have been “shut the f**k up.” Howard expressed his desire not to be traded and for the Magic to “roll the dice.” This, finally, seems to have tipped off Orlando that he was trying to sneak off to Brooklyn without the Nets having to gut their team.

Orlando threatened to trade Dwight by tomorrow’s deadline unless he committed to stay through next season. Now, Dwight says he will not opt out of his contract and stay through the 2012-13 season. Best case scenario: the Magic leave themselves in awkward limbo and this soap opera lasts another season. Worst case scenario: Dwight could simply be lying since he hasn’t signed anything. At least LeBron had the conviction to rip off the band-aid with Cleveland.

Playing basketball for $19.5 million per season in a state with no income tax should not be this complicated.

[UPDATE: Yahoo! Sports is reporting the reported commitment to his teammates did not take place. Dwight claimed he was “all in” for this season.]

[UPDATE: Yahoo! Sports is now reporting Dwight told three teammates at lunch he would not opt out for 2012-13 but is second-guessing the decision.]

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