Glen Rice Jr. Was Kicked Off the Georgia Tech Basketball Team For Being in a Car When a Gun Was Accidentally Fired

Glen Rice Jr., son of the former Michigan star/NBA player Glen Rice (now famous for hooking up with Sarah Palin in Alaska in the late 80s), has been booted from the Georgia Tech basketball team.

Rice, a former Top 50 high school recruit who led the Yellow Jackets in scoring and rebounding this year, was involved in a bizarre incident about 36 hours before Georgia Tech played in the ACC tournament last week.

This from the AJC:

Rice was a passenger in a Cadillac Escalade leaving Halo Lounge in Midtown near the Tech campus early Wednesday…Police responded to a shots fired call and pulled over the Escalade at the intersection of West Peachtree and 10th streets. The incident report stated that Warren, the driver, was glossy-eyed with the odor of alcohol on his breath and was unable to stand, swaying back and forth.

Another passenger in the car, Steven Pryor, admitted to firing the gunshot from a 9-millimeter Ruger pistol. Pryor, who had a firearms license in his wallet, told police it was an accident as he tried to remove the gun from between the seats. Pryor, who is not a part of the basketball team, was arrested and charged with discharge of a firearm while under the influence. Police searched the club for victims or property damage and did not find anything.

The only mention of Rice in the incident report was his charge of permitting unlawful operation.

The good news here is that Rice is hanging out with smart, quality individuals. Bet his parents are proud. Way to make an NBA impression on GMs, Glen. That being said, “permitting unlawful operations” sounds like a BS charge he’ll be able to skate on.

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