Kendall Marshall Has a Fractured Right Wrist and North Carolina's Title Chances Just Went Down the Drain [UPDATE: Video]

North Carolina just announced that point guard Kendall Marshall suffered a fractured right wrist in the Tar Heels’ 87-73 victory over Creighton.

The school hasn’t said whether or not Marshall will play in the Sweet 16 against South Florida or Ohio. One would imagine his season is probably over, but Marshall is a lefty, so perhaps he attempts to play through the injury.

Marshall scored 18 points and had 11 assists in the win over Creighton.

Should we hand Kentucky the title now, or tomorrow?

As a number of people pointed out, Creighton committed a handful of dirty fouls in the loss. Here’s one from the first half. Watch the middle of your screen. How did the refs miss that? After you watch this video, then the Kendall Marshall mid-air shove …

[vid via Mike]

Because you want to see it first!

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