With San Francisco Trying to Land Peyton Manning, Alex Smith Is Meeting With the Dolphins and Seahawks

Alex Smith is meeting with the Miami Dolphins today. I know, right? A few days ago it was revealed that the San Francisco 49ers were one of the mystery teams trying to land Peyton Manning. Now Smith is meeting with one of the teams to be eliminated from the Peyton Manning Lottery. He’ll also meet with the Seahawks.

The 49ers are just a few months removed from a 13-3 season where they came very close to the Super Bowl. Smith had his best season as a pro and it seemed like the 49ers were finally being rewarded for sticking with Smith through the struggles of his first 5 seasons in the NFL. Now they’re both looking elsewhere.

The scoop of Smith visiting with the Dolphins appears to go to a Seahawks blogger who was on the same flight to Miami. So which domino falls first? (Former Packers’ backup Matt Flynn also met with the Dolphins this weekend.) If Smith signs with the Dolphins, Manning has a chance to go to a team that is not only ready to win, but already was winning. Oh, and remember how the 49ers just signed Randy Moss? If this was the year 2000, how incredible would that be?

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