Georgia Offensive Lineman Watts Dantzler Had a Wild Ride Home From Spring Break

Georgia offensive lineman Watts Dantzler wanted to get back early from Spring Break to work out. He did not have a ride. He ended up riding a Greyhound Bus from Panama City, Florida to Atlanta, and experiencing an often-overlooked slice of Americana. He then wrote a blog post about it.

Dantzler, listed at 6’7” and 310 lbs spent the first bus leg sleeping in the aisle because there weren’t enough seats.

I laid on the floor of this bus from Panama to Tallahassee. I laid on my side because my shoulders were too big to lay on my back. There was a Mexican guy kicking me in the side and cussing me out saying “There is a fat-a** white boy on my foot.” I slept a little bit the first trip but I was laying in the nastiest floor on the whole world. We finally arrived into Tallahassee and it took me five minutes to get off of the ground. I was practically stuck in the isle of the bus.

He made friends with his fellow passengers.

I had eaten nothing all day. They had these pizza slices that were not very good. I ate two of them, a bag of Buggles, and red Powerade Zero and a pack of Reeses. When we got on the bus there was a guy sitting beside me and he had not gotten off and did not have any food. Each stop he smoked like three cigerettes. I felt bad so I offered him some of my Buggles. He said verbatim, “No thanks man, while I’m on Meth I never get hungry but thanks anyways.”

He also witnessed some interesting happenings while waiting for a friend in the Atlanta Greyhound station.

I sat down and watched the basketball game and very shortly a fight broke out. There was and older white guy with a cane who was yelling at a Mexican for taking off his shoes. The old man said, “Put them dang stinky shoes back on right now amigo”(in a very country accent) the Mexican who looked really scary, decked out in tattoos, tackled the white guy and started punching him. The fight was very short, but had a great deal of intensity. They both got throw out. Next, a man yelled at the customer service for literally for twenty minutes, then fell asleep, then woke up and started yelling again.. He get thrown out by the same security guard.

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