Ryan Braun is Struggling in Spring Training, Which Means Nothing (Yet)

Ryan Braun, the reigning NL MVP who tested positive for elevated levels of testosterone last year, but escaped on a technicality last month, is off to a slow start in Spring Training. He’s 1-for-15 with five strikeouts.

Obviously, this means nothing. But the media did what it had to do, especially based on recent developments – they asked him about it.

“There’s never a quantity of at-bats in spring training that would concern me, ever,” he said. “Spring training’s never been result-oriented. It’s always been process-oriented. The process is certainly a little different this year, it’s an adjustment I’ll have to make.

“Beyond that, I’ve never put any value into stats in spring training.”

“If I go 0 for 50 in spring training, I’m 100 percent confident I’ll have success in the season. I’m serious. It’s just different. It’s a different intensity, it’s a different focus. It’s a different energy, enthusiasm when you play regular-season games. It just is.

“Of course I want to have success. You always want to have success. But it’s just different. When the regular season starts, it’s different.”

Braun is being booed every time he steps up to the plate in Spring Training. Nice job by the savvy fans. I’m contemplating getting tickets to a Brewers game against the Phillies, Mets or Yankees (rats, they don’t meet in Interleague play) just to boo Braun. [JS Online]

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