Allen Iverson's Estranged Wife Wants a List of All the Women He Slept With

Allen Iverson is currently going through a messy divorce. Originally, Iverson’s wife said it had nothing to do with AI’s other women – or “road beef,” if you will – but now she’s changed her mind. Per TMZ:

But Tawanna has┬áchanged┬áher tune and earlier this month filed documents requesting A.I. “give the name and telephone number of every person other than your spouse whom you have had sexual relations and/or intimate physical contact from the date of the marriage to the date of trial.”

Damn. You sure you want that list Tawanna? And the phone numbers too? This sounds more like a Tyler Perry movie than actual divorce proceedings. “Tawanna Ladylist is a strong woman going through an ugly divorce. She’s going to deal with it the only way she knows how – By confronting every woman who her no-good man stepped out on her with. Tyler Perry’s Lady List is in theaters this Fall.” Sure, it’ll turn a profit, but nobody really wants to see that.


Because you want to see it first!

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