Peyton Manning's Contract: 5 years, $96 Million. Funny Money He Will Never See

The Peyton Manning Contract is “reportedly” worth $96 million over five years. Yeah, right. I’m waiting to see the actual details, but any deal is subject to skepticism. This one is doubly so. Remember last year, when Peyton Manning signed a 5-year, $90 million deal? He got $26 million for the first season, and because the bonus option was not exercised, it meant he saw none of the rest.

I suspect that this deal has a similar provision, and should be looked at more like a one year deal, with options that can make it a three year deal, but the last two are just fluff when Manning would be 39 and 40.

Andrew Brandt is already reporting that the first year is $18 million, and there is an injury waiver based on a physical in 2013. That is still an expensive price, but what did we expect when 10 teams were reportedly in on the action? That he wouldn’t get paid like an elite QB the next season, even coming off the injury?

In going back over some other notable deals, it is still likely that Manning is getting more than other veterans, once we account for inflation.

Joe Montana signed for three years, $10 million in 1993 with Kansas City. There was no salary cap that first season, but the next year (1994) was the first when the cap was implemented, and it was $34.6 million.

Most recently, the cap is at about $120.6 million and expected to escalate in upcoming years, so Montana’s deal in 2012 dollars would be closer to three years and $40 million. He ended up playing the first two and retiring.

Brett Favre, at age 39, signed with Minnesota for $25 million over two seasons before the 2009 season, and the cap has not escalated greatly since that time (yet).

Manning’s getting paid well, and the market dictated that. Don’t fall for this $96 million junk. If he shows he is done, then the Broncos likely have an out. If he is healthy and the surgeries improved his neck and he plays well at 36 (guys like Marino, Favre, had three more seasons at this point) then he will get paid like an elite QB again for a couple of more seasons.

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