Ballin': Jamaal Tinsley of Utah Went Globetrotters on Nazr Mohammed

Oklahoma City 90, Utah 97: Jamaal Tinsley did his best Lionel Messi impression on Nazr Mohammed and the Jazz won their 4th in a row. Kevin Durant had a rare off night – he had as many baskets (6) as turnovers.

LA Lakers 104, Houston 107: Goran Dragic sparked a 12-0 run late, including the game-winning three-pointer, and the Lakers lost on the road again. Would they have lost if Andrew Bynum hadn’t been ejected for mouthing off in the 3rd quarter? Please Kobe, don’t hurt ’em. (Note: Kobe, on shedding the mask he’d been wearing: “I might donate it, see if anybody’s dumb enough to buy that sweaty mask.”)

New York 106, Toronto 87: That’s four wins in a row, but nobody get excited until the Knicks beat someone legit (sorry, Pacers fans – ya’ll are too inconsistent). Yes, I love 16 offensive rebounds, 23 assists (vs just 11 turnover) and stingy defense. Lin had 10 of the assists; Jared Jefferies had as many offensive rebounds (4) as the Raptors did.

Miami 99, Phoenix 95: The Big 3 scored 68 points, Udonis Haslem added 15, and everyone else was afraid to shoot.

Markieff Morris, a rookie from Kansas, had a pretty sweet sequence here (and 12 points)

Portland 87, Milwaukee 116: Is it time to keep an eye on the Bucks, winners of six in a row? Monta Ellis (13 points) only took eight shots in 32 minutes, and had nine assists.

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