Here's Tyler Hansbrough Acting Like a Tough Guy Because Blake Griffin May Have Leg Whipped Him

On the slo-mo replay, it looks like Hansbrough’s hard foul involved yanking Griffin’s arm down, to which Griffin retaliated with a leg whip. I’ve got no problem with any of this, really. Hard fouls happen, and people retaliate. What I could do without is the Hansbrough Cobra Kai-like preening – hold me back coach, hold me back! – after he was pulled away from the pile. Settle down, big boy. Also, I have no clue why Caron Butler was pretending to roll video, but it was comical.

The Clippers lost, 102-89. Hansbrough scored 17 points off the bench for the Pacers; Griffin scored 23 points and took 10 rebounds. [Indy Star]

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Because you want to see it first.

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