Tim Tebow Traded to Jets For a 4th Round Draft Pick [UPDATE: Jets Gave Up 4th & 6th Round Pick for Denver's 7th Round Pick]

Tim Tebow is coming to New York. The Jets just gave up a 4th round pick for Denver QB Tim Tebow according to Jay Glazer of Fox Sports.

Great move, says this Jets fan. I’m thrilled. I was never a fan of the Jets pushing for “competition” to “light a fire” under Mark Sanchez, and I definitely didn’t think scrubs like Henne or Stanton would do the trick. Tim Tebow? A fan favorite who JUST WINS GAMES? Oh yeah. I’m totally on board with this.

Here’s the best part – the Jets can start Tebow out as a situational QB – 3rd and 2 in the red zone, and run that read option. They’re losing their best red zone threat (Plax), and Tebow can be used near the goal line the way he was as a freshman at Florida (more running than passing).

I know, I know – you think Tebow wants to be the starter. And his cult following will be pushing Tebow as the starter on the first Sanchez interception or fumble or poor offensive series. Hey Sanchez – play better.

New York’s going to love Tim Tebow.

Because you want to see it first!

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