Tim Tebow to the Jets: Trying Really, Really Hard to Find Some Positives

Tim Tebow to the Jets: Trying Really, Really Hard to Find Some Positives


Tim Tebow to the Jets: Trying Really, Really Hard to Find Some Positives

I made it pretty clear Thursday that I was a fan of the Tim Tebow trade. This seems to be a minority opinion. Ian O’Connor of ESPN is a fan of trade and so is Steve Politi of the Star Ledger. And … that seems to be it. The Jets have so many other holes to fill! Who needs a QB controversy? I attempt to answer these and other questions you flung my way:

Q: how does he make them better?

Let’s remember the Jets’ biggest offseason move before Tebow – naming Tony Sparano the new offensive coordinator. He likes running the football (and sadly, kicking field goals). He ran the Wildcat in Miami until opponents figured it out. He’s a run-first guy. Ground-and-pound is back.

It’s safe to say we won’t see Sanchez throwing 59 times like he did against the Giants. Sanchez threw 40+ passes four times last year. I’d set the over/under on 40+ passes next season at 1.

I’d expect the Jets to occasionally run the Wildcat with receiver Jeremy Kerley. Then, they can bring in Tebow to pound away with the read option. They can give opponents several different looks on offense, and let’s not forget that Santonio Holmes, despite being a dickhead last year, is still a Top 20 receiver in the league.

Q: I’m confused why do people care what Joe Namath thinks?

You and me both. He’s a clueless fossil.

Q: You had confidence in the Jets front office?

I used to, back in 2009 and 2010. The last two offseasons? Not at all. I think Mike Tannenbaum will be reassigned in the front office if a) they botch the draft b) they miss the playoffs.

Q: With Sanchez contract essentially guaranteed for the next 2 years, do you see any way Tebow is starting before then?

Sure. I didn’t think guys like Henne/Stanton were going to put a scare into Sanchez. Nobody’s going to be clamoring for them. Tebow? Oh yeah. Fans will be begging for him if Sanchez has any of his patented 4-5 turnover games, or fails miserably in a big spot (like he did numerous times last season). Sanchez has six months to devour the new playbook and get his mind right. My hope is he’ll thrive next season, and we’ll only see Tebow in situational spots.

Q: why do you really think he chose the Jets over the Jags? he said he wanted to start?

There’s some dispute over whether or not Tebow had a decision to make, but one team was in the AFC title game two of the last three years; the other is rebuilding and drafted a QB in the Top 10 last year. Also, the New York factor probably didn’t hurt.

Q: Where does this leave Greg McElroy? He could be the best QB for Sprano’s system

Considering they just signed QB Drew Stanton, and it seems unlikely they’ll keep 4 QBs … Stanton or McElroy figure to be waived/cut/traded. Personally, I’d keep McElroy.

Q: the Jets have gaping holes at other positions and are focused on acquiring a 3rd string QB. How does this make sense?!?!?

Most popular question, by far. And a good one. For the second offseason in a row, the GM, Mike Tannenbaum has done an awful job. Some of it has to do with being cash-strapped – all their money is tied up in Sanchez, Holmes, Mangold, Brick, Harris, Revis and Cromartie – so they couldn’t spend to bring in anyone real at linebacker, right tackle or safety. Now that it’s late in the free agency game, there simply isn’t anyone great they can afford to fill those holes. So they’ve simply got to hope Wayne Hunter improves on the line, hope Bart Scott and Brian Thomas can turn back the clock, and pray Laron Landry stays healthy and Eric Smith somehow gets better. (That’s a lot of hoping.)

Q: How about cap space?! Wasting money on tebow that could be used for FS, RT, WR, LB, DE?

It wasn’t like that. It’s not like they had the choice: “Trade for Demeco Ryans or trade for Tim Tebow.” Best I can tell, there’s no way the Jets could have afforded Ryans or Mario Williams or any free agents who got paid this offseason.

Q: if tebow played any pos. besides qb, where would you like him to play?

Seen this question a lot. Not happening. Maybe he lines up at WR during a series with the Wildcat or Read Option, but he’s a QB.

Q: there is no way they let him be only a QB right? They will use him like a jack of all trades?

How many passes has he caught in his career – college and pro? I’m guessing under three. Tebow’s a QB.

Q: where does Sanchez go? Can’t afford both can they?

Tebow is much cheaper – a $1.5 million cap hit this year. That’s it! If they want to keep him in 2013 and 2014 that’ll cost them $13 million. At this time, I can’t envision a scenario where they keep both Tebow and Sanchez, as both would cost them about $19 million in 2013.

Q: why the hell didn’t we just keep brad smith all along?

The Jets couldn’t afford – or weren’t willing to – give Brad Smith a 4-year, $15 million deal. So he went to Buffalo. The sad part is, Smith played WR/KR/situational QB, and now the Jets have 3-4 guys filling his role.

Q: I call homer. If he wasn’t going to the Jets you would hate it.

Clearly, this guy wasn’t reading last season. I’m a fan of Tebow in the NFL. There’s a lot to like. I’d root for him anywhere … though it would be difficult to get excited about him playing for a crummy franchise like Jacksonville.

Q: what did Francissca have to say on Tebow to the Jets?

Trashed it all afternoon. But he wasn’t wrong about any of it. Called the franchise a joke, a circus (he’s right), said it’s simply a money grab (he’s right) because they want to profit off Tebow.

Q: is mike t officially on notice? This is going to be the make or break year for him?

Unquestionably yes.

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