Kendrys Morales Hit a Home Run Without Breaking His Ankle

The last time Kendrys Morales experienced the glory of a home run, he was trotting around the bases and admiring the fruits of a walk-off grand slam. Everything was lovely that day until he rounded third base and destroyed his left ankle during what was supposed to be a joyful reflection of scoring runs. Well, today I’m happy to report that Kendrys tried it again yesterday — he hit a home run — and returned to the dugout with both ankles intact.

“I think I’ve adjusted pretty quickly considering I’ve been out for a couple of years,” Morales said in Spanish. “I’ve been working hard every day and I feel good.”

For the seven people that root for the Angels, I assume the weight of the world has just leapt of your shoulders like an eager frog.

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[via MLB, Buster Olney]

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