Tim Tebow's Great-Great-Great-Great-Great-Great-Great-Great-Grandfather Was From New Jersey

Tim Tebow was recently traded to the New York Jets. Maybe you saw something about it in the newspaper? It’s the biggest, most important story to ever involve backup quarterbacks. Are you ready to add another layer to this story? It turns out that Tebow’s family hails from New Jersey! My God! This is a homecoming story too! From the New York Times:

MetLife Stadium, home of the Jets and the Giants in East Rutherford, is about 10 miles from where an immigrant, Andries Tebow (spelled variously as Thybaut, Tibout, TeBow and other derivations), settled down after landing from Europe in the late 1600s. One of his children was Pieter, born in Hackensack and baptized there in 1696, records show.

He’s basically the son of Bruce Springsteen! This scoop comes from amateur genealogist and Tebow’s fourth cousin, once removed, Dean Enderlin. The proof is in the beautiful nose that resides North of Tebow’s granite chin.

“One characteristic in our family is a prominent nose,” Enderlin said. “Tim may think otherwise, but his distant cousins see it. We vote thumbs up. He’s got the Tebow nose.”

The next hot trend in plastic surgery? Tebowplasty. Anyone else have something dumb to say?

“It’s strange that his ancestors came right through that area where he’s going to be playing,” said Glenn Corbett, a Bergen County author and historian. “You could throw a pass from the Meadowlands and basically hit where his ancestors came from.”

You heard it here first – Tebow’s ancestors were swamp people. Tim Tebow has a Jersey swamp nose.

[h/t: @RichardDeitsch]

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