Final Four: The Line of Columnists Rooting Against John Calipari Forms Behind Drew Sharp

It’ll be open season on John Calipari during Final Four week, and expect columnists and talking heads to try and out-do themselves with one-liners about Calipari. Everyone will focus on his cheating history – he’s had two Final Fours vacated!

Drew Sharp of the Free Press got some things off his chest this morning:

Rooting for John Calipari to finally win a national championship is like cheering for the head of the IRS to get a tax refund. Both institutions feign shock at the villainy attached to them, arguing they’re merely following the rules as prescribed.

Wherever Calipari has walked during his coaching career, the NCAA has followed right behind, usually with a pooper-scooper.

The rest of the column is standard-issue stuff that everyone rants about – Calipari rents freshman, there’s a “pretend to attend” classes line, a mention of Marcus Camby’s jewelry, Derrick Rose’s SAT, blah, blah – but surprisingly, nary a mention of the Anthony Davis/Sun-Times/$200k story from last year. Best I can tell, nobody in the mainstream media has written about that since Gary Parrish did last summer.

And since there’s no proof to the Davis story – well, yet – I suspect the media (and this website) will spend more time discussing whether or not this Kentucky teams ranks as one of the best college basketball teams in the last 30 years. [Freep]

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