Jim Leyland's Smoking Habit Now Being Celebrated on T-shirts

A bar in downtown Detroit is selling t-shirts to honor the furiously smoking chimney that is Tigers manager, Jim Leyland.

Even if you happen to despise the Tigers, it’s probably rather difficult not to enjoy the disarming likeness of Leyland, or Leyland himself for that matter. Is there a cooler, more likable manager in all of baseball? Ozzie Guillen is an endlessly entertaining character, but half the time it’s for being a stupendous jackass. Jimmy’s simply a down to earth fellow who sincerely tells it like it is while sprinkling in a nice helping of dry humor, like how he didn’t take up smoking until he worked for Tony La Russa in the early 80s.

It’ll certainly be a sad day for baseball when Leyland finally decides to call it quits.

[via Detroit News]

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