Roundup: Tiger Woods is Back (For Real This Time!), RIP Bert Sugar & It's Tim Tebow Press Conference Day

Kendra Wilkinson … in the future, drones will bring you tacos … Sierra Nevada is coming East … here comes a higher grade of marijuana … the boombox was the fasted-adopted gadget of the last 50 years … as disturbing a story as you’ll find today … can I interest you in a GIF from the season premiere of Mad Men? … “Woman demanding care at hospital is arrested for trespassing, dies in jail” … employers want Facebook passwords now? … the grandson of basketball’s inventor died at 73 … Melanie Iglesias seems nice … some woman broke into Simon Cowell’s house while he was home

More on the Tim Tebow, Taylor Swift & Dianna Agron “love triangle.” [Page 6]

Devour this Tiger Woods-related roundtable. Everyone loves Tiger! [Golf.com]

If you’re into Horse Racing, this lengthy piece is a must-read. [NYT]

Nice column by Whitlock about LeBron, D Wade and Trayvon Martin. [Whitlock]

For those of you who are still pissed Syracuse lost. [Fox Sports]

Is Felix Doubront going to make the Red Sox rotation? [Providence Journal]

Here’s the guy who wrote the book – fine the FAQ – on the NBA salary cap. [LA Times]

Alex Ovechkin is percolating just in time for the playoffs. [Buffalo News]

If you like history or high school basketball, this story is for you. [Times]

Roy Williams got outcoached by Bill Self down the stretch because Roy didn’t know what to do against the triangle-and-two zone. [Forde]

Bizarre story: Jaguars beat writer arrested … for calling the cops following an incident at a bar. A bit surprised the paper even wrote about this. [Times-Union]

RIP boxing historian Bert Sugar. [NYDN]

Tony Barnhart remembers Furman Bisher. [CBS Sports]

This was a pretty bad Tim Tebow profile. [Star Ledger]

Not sure why anyone would do the Cinnamon challenge, but this Grandma tried, and watch what happens to her dentures.

Sidney Crosby!

Not really loving Jared Sullinger after the Buckeyes beat the Orange, but this was a nice pass in the Sweet 16. [via Mike]

Because you want to see it first!

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