Sean Payton Has Approached Bill Parcells About Serving As Saints Interim Coach, But Parcells Likes To Shop For His Own Groceries

Chris Mortensen reported on Sportscenter that Sean Payton, who served on Bill Parcells’ staffs in New York and Dallas, has approached Parcells about serving as the Saints’ head coach for the upcoming season.

Payton is currently suspended for the 2011 season because of the bounty penalties. There is no indication that the Saints organization has gotten involved in this request or that Mickey Loomis or owner Tom Benson has signed off.

Remember when people were up in arms over Parcells not making the Hall of Fame this year in his first season of eligibility (the second time around)? I said at the time that there were deserving players, and there may be some skepticism as to whether he is completely done. Whether he is pushing this at all or merely getting his name associated with it, he is back in the rumor mill.

Parcells once asked, “If I’m going to be asked to cook the meal, then they ought to let me buy the groceries.” If he takes over the Saints on a one year stewardship basis for Payton, he would not even be preparing the full meal. It would seem to be a very un-Parcells like move to go into a ready-made situation and just maintain it for a year. It would also fit into any desire, though, to coach one more time without any long term commitment. Payton and Parcells have a long relationship, but my guess is this is Monday in March discussion, and the Saints will promote an assistant. It would be a lot more fun if they added Parcells to the mix, though.

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