The Best Screen Grabs From the NCAA Tournament's Sweet 16 and Elite 8

The Triangle-and-two? I'm drawing a blank! What do I do?

These red people are going to be a hit on Bourbon Street.

You call a million ticky tack fouls in the game and miss that one?

Please let Tyshawn Taylor be the hero and not the goat. Please!

Tom Izzo, unhappy with Michigan State's embarrassing shooting performance vs. Louisville.

Craig Sager is a sideline reporter/Osteologist.


I don't watch the NIT, so I'll miss Raftery until next Winter. See you in September, Verne.

They'll look happier when they're the champs a week from today.

If you look very closely, you can find two Harbaughs.

We goin' sizzler!

The biggest shit eating smirk of the tournament so far.

Pick or scratch?

I'd be devastated too if my team gave up an 18-3 run to close the game.

Bo Ryan reminded his players they have one timeout. So why didn't anyone use it?

An image from the 2008 Final Four we'll probably see again Saturday.

Nice stomach.

[All screen grabs via Intern Mike]

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