Tim Tebow Press Conference Video: Tebow Dances Around the Topic of Picking the Jets Over the Jaguars

Yet another reason why Tebow always comes out victorious against the media: Today’s masterful 32-minute performance against the vaunted New York media. If it were a tennis match, it was a 6-0, 6-1, 6-0 beatdown. This was a Roy Halladay 2-hit gem.

Right from the outset, the media came at him: Everyone wants to know whether Tim Tebow picked the Jets over his hometown Jaguars, or whether the Broncos decided where to deal him. How’d Tebow handle it?

Tebow played it perfectly – Denver asked him his thoughts, he said he liked the Jets … and Jacksonville, too! Ultimately, it was their decision where he went. And no matter what John Elway says – it was Tim’s choice! – Tebow is factually correct: Denver owned his rights and made the trade. Tim Tebow did not “pick” the Jets over Jacksonville. The media didn’t bother follow-up with any questions. The door was ajar on this topic coming into the presser, and Tebow shut it immediately.

I’ll spare you videos of Tebow’s religious banter, though his answers to those questions were perfect.

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