Scott Reid's Logic for Not Voting Anthony Davis 1st Team All-American is Astoundingly Stupid

One of the two basketball writers who didn’t vote Kentucky star Anthony Davis 1st team All-American has spoken.

The only problem is that what Scott Reid of the OC Register is saying makes absolutely no sense. Take it away, Scotty!:

In doing these ballots I’ve tried to vote for a team and not just five forwards or guards. I still ended up having only one guard on a first team of Marcus Denmon, Missouri; Draymond Green, Michigan State; Tyler Zeller, North Carolina; Thomas Robinson, Kansas and Kevin Jones, West Virginia.

You’ll have to pardon me while I pick my jaw up from the floor. Kevin Jones?

If I had a second though about my ballot it’s not putting a second guard on the first team. Green and Robinson are the best two players in the country.

Reid, clearly, is clueless. He didn’t define “best,” but rather tossed it out there matter-of-factly as if it were a true statement. Green had a terrific senior season and a wonderful career. No argument he earned the Big 10 player of the year. Also, no mention that in non-conference games against Duke and UNC back in November, Green had as many turnovers (10) as he did field goals. That’s going against future NBA players Robinson Mason and Miles Plumlee, Zeller and Henson. Green is a 1st team All-American, but not the best player in the country.

Zeller was the player of year in what is year in and year out the best conference in the country, the ACC.

The most preposterous statement in his entire defense. The ACC hasn’t been the best conference in the country in awhile. It probably was the 4th best conference in the country last season (Big East, Big 12, Big Ten).

Reid goes on to list the point and rebound totals by WVU’s Kevin Jones against quality competition. Jones was the best player on an offensively-challenged team. Of course he’s going to take more shots and score more points! Is Reid serious with this?

Scott Reid, please give your AP vote to someone who watches and pays attention to the sport. [OC Register]

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