David Stern Takes a Few Swings at the NCAA Regarding One-and-Done

Where do you sit on the one-and-done issue? Should it be 2-and-done? Don’t require college at all? David Stern spoke to the media in Phoenix this week, and had some thoughts on the issue:

“A college could always not have players who are one and done,” Stern said. “They could do that. They could actually require the players to go to classes.

“Or they could get the players to agree that they stay in school, and ask for their scholarship money back if they didn’t fulfill their promises. There’s all kinds of things that, if a bunch of people got together and really wanted to do it, instead of talk about it …”

Never been a fan of “requiring” kids to stay in school. Asking for scholarship money back would never happen for multiple reasons (scaring off elite talent, sending kids overseason, etc). What’s not mentioned, of course, is finding a way to pay the players – something that would probably help the sport and keep the 2nd/3rd tier kids in school for another year or two. [via Pro Basketball Talk]

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