Rick Neuheisel's Realtor was Jerry Seinfeld's Girlfriend With "The Tractor Story"

Rick Neuheisel coached the UCLA Bruins from 2008-2011; it was a forgettable return to his alma mater. With his time in Los Angeles done, Neuheisel recently sold his Bel-Air home for $5 million. His realtor was Cindy Ambuehl, a former actress and model and to The Crystal Ball Run‘s credit, they discovered that Ambuehl played Sophie in the Seinfeld episode “The Burning.”

If the headline didn’t spoil it, Sophie was the one with the tractor story. I know what you’re thinking – back it up, back it up, *beep beep beep* The girl with the tractor story sold Rick Neuheisel’s house for five million dollars? Perhaps we’ll hear from her again if she sells another coach’s home, but maybe she’s going to go out on top.

[via The Crystal Ball Run]

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