Roundup: A Jimmy Rollins Prom Photo, Watch Police Chase a Stolen School Bus & Final Four Weekend is Here

Rihanna & Brooklyn Decker … couple weeks late, but a really happy/sad hockey story from Vermont … Spidertown is the scariest place in the world … “Dad jailed after punching 3-month-old; she wouldn’t stop crying” … really good read on hazing at Dartmouth … a real-life 21 Jump Street in California … well, that’s a heckuva headline … strange one here: “911 caller arrested in deadly police shooting” … interesting blog post on the life of a poker player … as far as sad stories go, man, this one’s right up there … if you’re into cool photography … Best Buy is closing stores and cutting $800 million in costs …

Jared Sullinger’s back. Good luck stopping him, Kansas. [Dispatch]

Really good read here on Hunter Pence of the Phillies. [Philly Mag]

Gotta love Tulsa taking a chance on Danny Manning as its head coach. [Tulsa World]

Yes, college basketball players need more time to decide if they want to enter the NBA. [Indy Star]

Here’s a photo of Jimmy Rollins at his prom in 1996. [Crossing Broad]

“A coach for the Blaine High School ninth-grade girls’ basketball team was charged Thursday with criminal sexual conduct after police found her with one of her players in a parked vehicle near the school.” [Star Trib]

Why Tablets in the Classroom Could Save Schools $3 Billion a Year. [All Things D]

If you missed Djokovic on 60 Minutes … [CBS News]

Baseball fantasy sleeper: Toronto pitcher Henderson Alvarez. [National Post]

Couple weeks old, but a radio host hates the Redskins trade up to grab RG3. [CZabe.com]

This woman is blaming McDonald’s for turning her into a prostitute. Good luck with that. [Courthouse News]

In Esquire’s sex issue, there a story about the demise of blowjobs. [Esquire]

Beer will be served at the 2014 World Cup in Brazil. [WWS]

Pretty wild video of a stolen school bus chase in New Mexico. [via Cartmaniak]

Watch an elephant take to the streets of Ireland around the :47 mark.

Um, wait for the replay. [via Adam]

Listen to this drunk dude sing “Bohemian Rhapsody” … from the backseat of a police car. [via Deadspin]

Jimmy Kimmel takes a page out of Howard Stern’s book: Have you ever faked an orgasm?

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