Of the Last 12 Final Four Teams, Only Two Have Been No. 1 Seeds

Small sample size, obviously. What does it mean? Who knows. Big East teams have rode tournament titles to the Final Four three years in a row. VCU put on an amazing 3-point shooting display en route to the Final Four. Brad Stevens and Butler went on arguably the most impressive two-year run in the last 25 years of the tournament. And 25 percent of the Final Four teams in the last three years have been No. 2 seeds.

2010: Duke (1), West Virginia (2), Butler (5), Michigan State (5)

2011: UConn (3), Kentucky (4), Butler (8), VCU (11)

2012: Kentucky (1), Louisville (4), Ohio State (2), Kansas (2)

[via John Gasaway]

* Note: I’m completely crestfallen by the end of the NCAA tournament. It happens every year. I was lost Thursday and Friday night without the full slate of games. I ended up watching all the bad DVR shows I’ve neglected over the last month (and the movie Drive, which was fantastic). The end of the tournament culminates with One Shining Moment, which is my favorite montage in sports, but it’s always a melancholy moment for me: It feels like summer is here, and you can take your foot off the sports pedal. The monotonous MLB season doesn’t get interesting until September. The NBA playoffs are terrific (and the quality of ball is much better than March Madness), but four 7-game series is far too many and you don’t sense the elimination urgency in any of them until game five. The NFL draft, NBA draft, horse racing, tennis, golf and the NHL are fleeting cocaine highs.

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