Police Believe Ryan Leaf Broke Into Homes to Steal Prescription Drugs

More details have emerged from Ryan Leaf’s arrest on Friday. Montana police found the former Washington State star in possession of prescription drugs believed to be illegally obtained or stolen, evidence of an apparent relapse into his prescription drug addiction.

Police were alerted by postal workers delivering suspicious packages.

Hickman said the task force’s investigation began about a month ago when postal workers in Great Falls tipped police that Leaf had been receiving c.o.d. packages once or twice a week worth $500 or more.

The packages were small, they rattled and they were sent from a Florida address that turned out to be a mailbox company, a favored method for distributing illegal prescriptions, Hickman said.

Police also believe Leaf was entering private homes to steal prescription drugs, specifically the painkiller oxycodone.

Leaf knocked on the man’s door, then entered without waiting for an answer, Hickman said. Leaf surprised the housekeeper, the only person home, and told her that he was a friend of the owner and had some business to take care of.

The owner discovered his pills missing Thursday evening and called Leaf to confront him, asking him to return the pills, which he never did, Hickman said.

The owner said there were about 15 pills in the bottle, meaning police don’t know where the 13 others in Leaf’s possession at the time of his arrest came from, Hickman said.

Leaf was already on probation from a plea deal, stemming from a 2008 incident at West Texas A&M when he received more than 1,000 painkillers from pharmacies over an eight-month period. If his probation is revoked in Texas, he could be facing a lengthy prison sentence.

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