The Marlins' New Stadium Has a Bobblehead Museum

Tyler Kepner of the New York Times was in Miami today for the Marlins-Yankees game at the team’s new stadium aptly named “Marlins Park.” Of all the owners in Major League Baseball I’m frankly stunned that the notoriously greedy Jeffrey Loria is one of the few who has opted to go with a stadium name sans corporate sponsorship. Then again, he’s probably just waiting for the most absurd naming rights offer.

Anyway, despite showcasing some bizarre features like the fish tank behind home plate and the home run circus act, there are some cool things, like the Bobblehead Museum that Kepner stumbled upon.

It’s apparently located on the Promenade Level and features 588 nodding dolls that represent every team in baseball, and the structure itself moves just enough to keep the heads constantly bobbling. There’s also a touchscreen kiosk that allows you to find the spot of each player. Pretty cool idea.

[via @TylerKepner]

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