Milan Lucic's Girlfriend and Cory Schneider's Girlfriend are Being Mean to Each Other on Twitter and in Real Life

The Vancouver Canucks – Boston Bruins rivalry knows no bounds. Not even the teams’ respective WAGs are immune to the bickering. Milan Lucic’s girlfriend, Brittany Carnegie, said that “COREY SNYDER’S” (I think she meant Canucks’ backup netminder Cory Schneider) girlfriend – and I quote from Twitter – “fingered me and told me off about my bruins hat today.” She then calls “Snyder” the “Canucks loser back up goaltender.”

I’m not here to guess what Carnegie meant when she said that she was “fingered,” but I’m guessing it was pretty serious. Carnegie is the kind of level-headed lass that gets into altercations outside Starbucks early in the morning. If she says “control your broad,” she knows what she’s talking about.

[The Providence, via Jimmy Traina]

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