Lexington, Kentucky Damage Report: One Shooting, 40 Fires and Dozens Arrested

After Kentucky beat Kansas in last night’s NCAA title game, Lexington – predictably – broke out in riots. One person was shot and wounded and dozens were arrested as a result of the couch burning and excessive celebration. It could take a while to sort through all the paperwork. Police are still trying to find 14 people who wrecked havoc on Lexington Saturday after the Louisville win.

Lexington Police Cmdr. Shawn Coleman showed photographs of those who are wanted for allegedly throwing bottles at police, shooting fireworks into a crowd, starting a vehicle fire or damaging a stop sign.

There is even a $25 reward for any tip that leads to an arrest. If that’s not enough to get people snitching, then I don’t know what is.

Back to the championship afterglow, via USA Today:

Lexington police had arrested several dozen people by the time the game had been over only a few minutes, police spokeswoman Sherelle Roberts said late Monday.

“We’re seeing fires being lit and things of that nature,” Roberts said, adding that people had set couches and at least one car on fire.

The fun started well before the final buzzer. A car crashed into a bar. And then there was cornholing…

Earlier in the evening, students spilled out from rented houses drinking beer and playing cornhole, and from bars, where the honks of passing cars were greeted with cheers and raised drinks.

I am proud to say that is not a game I’m familiar with. The celebration went on most of the night and some people got what they deserved. This guy fell off a car. All in all, it was your typical championship riot.

[Image, Riot Police]

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