BCS Officials Are Well on Their Way to Screwing up a 4-team Playoff

Remember how excited we were when it became clear college football was finally going to join the 21st century and put together a playoff? College football has the worst postseason in sports, but finally, that is going to change!

But now that USA Today has revealed the potential playoff formats, the brakes have been pumped on some of the excitement:

As laid out in the BCS summary, a more standard four-team playoff would be seeded and could:

• Fold entirely into existing bowls.

• Stage the semifinals and title game at neutral sites selected through a bidding process. A bowl or bowls could buy in, hosting the games atop their own annual events.

• Place semifinals in bowls, bidding out the championship site.

• Or play semifinals at campus sites, again bidding out the title game.

Also still to be worked out is the team-selection process. Will the BCS let its mathematical rankings — melding polls and computer ratings — determine who makes a four-team playoff cut? Will it change that formula? Could it go to a selection committee instead?

What the …?

How difficult is this, you money grubbing fools – top four teams in the “BCS Formula” (which needs to be tweaked, but that’s another story) are seeded 1-4. The No. 1 team plays No. 4 team at a neutral site (Fiesta Bowl – but the next year it could be the Sugar, it matters not) and No. 2 plays No. 3 (Orange Bowl?). Then the winners square off for the title (Sugar Bowl? Rose Bowl?). Schools were willing to destroy rivalries due to conference realignment in a cash grab. Don’t play the “history” bullshit card with the bowl games when everyone knows the bowls are simply a cash grab.

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