Jim Gray and Bill Walton Had a Brief, Interesting Discussion About John Calipari's Vacated Final Fours

Jim Gray and Bill Walton call the Final Four on the radio, and as you can imagine, they’re quite the odd couple – Gray is your dorky news guy; Walton specializes in dry humor.* When Anthony Davis and Kentucky beat Kansas Monday, here’s what went down:

Jim Gray: Coach Calipari, 4th time in the Final 4 …

Bill Walton: No, second time in the Final 4.

Jim Gray:
Fourth time in the Final 4, second time in the National Championship game …

Bill Walton:
Second time in the Final Four Jim. The first two times were vacated.

Jim Gray:
Bill, we dont live in the Soviet Union, the records are not erased, let’s not debate this

Somewhere, Jim Litke is applauding Jim Gray. Listen to the audio at Fang’s Bites.

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* I know people love the Breen/Van Gundy combo on the NBA, but trust me when I tell you nothing topped NBC’s trio of Costas, Walton and Snapper Jones back in the 90s.

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