LeBron vs. Kevin Durant in Miami. For the MVP?

Probably not, as one game out of 66 is hardly the way to settle an MVP debate. But the Thunder pounded the Heat less than two weeks ago in OKC, and since that romp, the internet has been clamoring for Durant to win the MVP award. Kevin Love (who might finish 3rd) and Derrick Rose think the MVP is Durant.

Durant’s averages: 27.5 ppg, 8.2 rpg, 3.5 apg. He’s shooting 50 percent from the field and 37 percent from deep. That’s pretty incredible for a guy hoisting 19 shots per game.

LeBron’s numbers are down a bit from his dominant start to the year, but they’re still nothing to scoff at: 26.7 ppg, 8.1 rpg, 6.4 apg. He’s shooting 53 percent from the field and 35 percent from deep.

Miami’s a 2.5 point favorite. Wade may or may not play, but I’d ride with LeBron tonight regardless.

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