Gregg Williams Probably Will Never Work Again in the NFL Now That This Audio Tape Has Been Revealed

Mike Silver of Yahoo broke some seismic NFL news this morning:

The night before Gregg Williams’ final game as the New Orleans Saints’ defensive coordinator, the since-suspended coach gave a fiery speech to the team’s defensive players during which he made specific references to inflicting physical punishment upon several San Francisco 49ers in a postseason game the next day.

And now take three minutes and listen to the audio below and tell me how Gregg Williams will ever work in the NFL again. Yes, bounties have existed in the NFL forever. But if the NFL needed a smoking gun to drop the hammer on Williams, this is it.

The Saints lost this game in question, 36-32. And the Donte Whitner of the 49ers delivered the hardest hit of the afternoon.

Because you want to see it first!

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