Red Sox Manager Bobby Valentine Will Do a Weekly ESPN Radio Show in New York With Michael Kay

Another day. Another report of Bobby Valentine’s nontroversial trolling. The Red Sox manager has agreed to do a weekly radio show during the regular season, in New York, with Yankees play-by-play announcer Michael Kay. Apparently, Kay wants to suffuse himself in the schadenfreude first-hand.

“Why, there aren’t any Boston fans in New York?’’ he asked. “ I’ve known Michael for a long time, I’ve known ESPN for a long time. They asked. I agreed.’’

He purportedly did not foresee why this would be controversial.

“Maybe,’’ he said. “I have no idea. I never thought there would be, but since you’re both talking about it and probably plan to write about it, there’ll probably be some discussion about it, if not already. But there’s nothing. There are going to be no secrets on that show. All it’ll be, do the show, and they’ll be happy I turned down the show on FAN, which is totally a Yankee show.’’

As with most of Valentine’s antics, this is just nonsense. He presents no true reason to be offended, yet does things for no reason but to offend. He creates controversy, just to create controversy. Instead of deflecting attention from his players, a la Jose Mourinho, he’s helping the Boston and national media construct a giant magnifying glass above them.

Valentine’s energy will prove infectious. Interpret that how you will.

[Photo via Presswire]

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