Roundup: Google's Project Glass, the Oral History of Friends & the Masters Begins Today

Katrina Bowden … surfer fights off 10-foot sharkclothing placebos basically … SUV crashes into convenience store … passive-aggressive roommate notes … calories from added sugars are bad for you … team LC … tremendous mugshot … pretend you’re hackingawesome pictures … 1000 words on Dickie Bennett’s hairiSpontanious Combustion … only in Austin, Texaspirate ship for sale … no wonder Game of Thrones is TV-MA …

The Houston Astrodome is still standing. They’re really slacking on the up-keep. [Houston Press]

High school pitching prospect Stephen Gant found dead of apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound. [Jackson Sun]

The Masters has begun. It’s wide-open this year. We’ll have our preview later this morning. [Augusta Chronicle]

The Oral History of Friends. [Vanity Fair]

Brittney Griner has started thinking about a follow-up to the first ever 40-win season. [Washington Post]

People are slowly, but surely, dropping cable for a combination of other services. [EW]

BlackBerry is giving up on the consumer market. *fist bumps Mike NYC* [MSNBC]

Woman offers sex to undercover officer in exchange for two double cheeseburgers off the value menu. Guess the state… [NBC BLANK]

Of course John Daly parked his RV outside Hooters. [Larry Brown Sports]

A 68-year-old Marine was killed by the police who came to help him. [NYDN]

Spend some time getting to know Samantha Brick. I’m convinced she is part of a Truman Show-esque prank because that’s the only reason she would be under the impression she was that hot. [Daily Mail, Telegraph]

UFC 146 could be the fastest ever because because of all the heavyweights. (Link was added before Overeem tested positive for huge guns.) [MMA Fighting]

Paul Rudd saved fantasy baseball. [Midwest Bias]

The Marlins lost last night, but at least catcher John Buck had a sweet new helmet. [The Fish Pond]

Opening Day without the old man. [desipio]

This is my favorite video of the week. Why didn’t someone send this to me a year ago?

Scarlett Johansson as The Black Widow from the Avengers movie.

I assume Google’s objective with this “project glass” video is to make me hate myself and everyone else who lives in a city and owns a smartphone.

Jim Henson made a short film for The Bell System in 1963.

Skateboarding’s first 1080. Pulled off by a 12-year-old. Even Tony Hawk is impressed. [USA Today]

Because you want to see it first!

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