Alex Rodriguez Joins Facebook, Likes Family Ties and Kings of Leon

Alex Rodriguez Joins Facebook, Likes Family Ties and Kings of Leon


Alex Rodriguez Joins Facebook, Likes Family Ties and Kings of Leon

Alex Rodriguez has joined Facebook, presumably as part of his targeted campaign to appear more human to us mortals. “Social media has gotten so big now,” he informed ESPN New York “the time was right” to maintain an online presence.

“Some candid pictures, some posts about issues that are important to me such as education, a few inspirational messages … and I plan to answer some fan questions on video, too,” Rodriguez said. “I’m looking forward to sharing experiences in my life that aren’t part of a box score.”

Here is an excellent place to start. Rodriguez also says he’s not quite ready to have his people tweet for him yet.

“I’m taking one social media step at a time,” Rodriguez said. “I really wanted to start with Facebook first to see how that experience goes for me and I’ll go from there. But it’s on my radar, yes.”

The account itself is about what you’d expect. He has pictures with his kids (apparently he needed to lift one from Reuters?). He has pictures of him doing charity and walking out of vehicles with coffee. Each decision could warrant its own psychoanalysis, as we know A-Rod to be the type to sweat the public impact of such inconsequential details. We were most fascinated, however, by his likes, the ones that weren’t endorsements or testaments to his true Yankeedom.

Cultured: Reading, Art Galleries, Andy Warhol

Yes, you’re cultured. Got it.

Movies: Good Fellas, A Few Good Men, Wall Street and Coming to America

Not bad. Selections from when he was still in touch with popular culture. The latter choice might even indicate a latent sense of humor.

Music: Coldplay, Journey, Jay-Z, Kings of Leon

Obviously. All men whose sexes are on fire must listen to Kings of Leon.

Television: Today Show, Seinfeld and…Family Ties.

There is absolutely no agenda he could have “liking” Family Ties. Unless he was trying to like “Family Time” and misclicked, this may be his most candid act since joining the Yankees.

No comments on Derek Jeter’s page yet, though we’d suspect he’s been lurking.

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