Karen Crouse of the NY Times Would Love to Boycott the Masters, But Her Boss Disagrees

Karen Crouse, a writer for the New York Times, spoke to Golf.com’s Damon Hack at the Masters and said that due to Augusta’s policy on females – the private club refuses to admit women as members – she’d love to boycott the sport’s biggest major.

“If it were left to me, which it seldom is in the power structure of writer versus editor, I’d probably not come cover this event again until there is a woman member,” Crouse said Thursday. “More and more, the lack of a woman member is just a blue elephant in the room.”

As expected, her comments caused a ripple in media circles. So the AP called up the New York Times sports editor to get a reaction:

Times sports editor Joe Sexton said the comments were “completely inappropriate and she has been spoken to.”

Way to have your reporter’s back, Joe. [Golf.com, AP]

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