Andrew Bynum Ejected, Again, After Two Technicals Against Rockets

Andrew Bynum was ejected following a second technical in the second half, after he taunted the Rockets’ bench following a made basket in the first minute of the fourth quarter. He had just received a technical for his reaction after a Samuel D’Alembert foul (below) that did not look particularly egregious or hard.

The LA Times has this quote from Mike Brown: “We talked to him when he went back out there at the start of the quarter and we told him you have one technical. Don’t pick up your second.” Oops. That took all of 45 seconds for Bynum to not listen to Mike Brown again and get ejected. At the time, the Lakers were in a one point game, and would go on to lose at home to the Rockets with Bynum out for the entire fourth quarter.

Bynum was benched by Mike Brown just over a week ago for attempting a three pointer, and was also ejected against Houston two weeks ago. He didn’t talk to reporters after the game, so veterans like Kobe Bryant and Pau Gasol had to speak instead. Kobe said he plans to talk with Bynum, but says “I’m not concerned” that it will continue.

Mike Brown said he will handle discipline internally. “Picking up a second technical and getting kicked out of the game, he leaves his teammates out there. Call it whatever you want to call it.  But it’s not right.”

[quotes via LA Times, videos via @Jose3030, photo via US Presswire]

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