Warren Sapp is Broke and Lost His Super Bowl Ring

Warren Sapp is broke. TMZ is reporting that Sapp has filed for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy in Florida. In addition to using an incredibly bad picture with the story, TMZ provides some of the sillier details of the paperwork. Sapp owes $6.7 million to various creditors, along with “hundreds of thousands of dollars in child support payments and alimony to at least 4 different baby mamas.”

He also owes just under a million dollars to the IRS and $2,858 in medical bills for “Corrective Speech and Language Therapy.” In addition to all that, Sapp has lost both his Super Bowl ring and his National Championship ring from Miami. Wonder where all that money went? To practical purchases like 240 pairs of Jordan sneakers and sandals, a “Large Nude women painting” (Is the painting large or is the woman large? Or both?) and a “Lion skin rug (female – lioness).”

Sapp is currently making around $540,000 a year with the NFL Network, but his deal is up later this year. While they decided not to fire Sapp after he called Jeremy Shockey a snitch, there’s no evidence that they’ll re-sign Sapp. Even though he spent all that money on corrective speech therapy.


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