Albert Pujols is Living With His Hard-Partying Agent While His Family Remains in St. Louis

Albert Pujols signed one of the biggest contracts in the history of organized sports this winter. He has already made around $100 million in salary during his career. So you can assume he’s got enough money to a  new home in California. Apparently, Pujols is focusing on baseball before he brings his family out. From STL Today:

For now, Pujols is living with agent Dan Lozano. When family visits, such as for this weekend’s series against the Kansas City Royals, he shifts to a resort hotel near the beach. Pujols has put the family’s Wildwood home up for sale while contemplating whether to buy locally or in Phoenix.

Look, I’ve watched Million Dollar Listing. I know it can be difficult to find the right palatial apartment. That being said, this is Albert Pujols, not Jeremy Lin. There’s no reason he should be sleeping on somebody’s couch. (Note: He could very well be in a guest bedroom.) The interesting part of all this is who Pujols is living with.

Pujols’ agent Dan Lozano has what you might consider a “checkered” past that allegedly includes call girls, porn and heavy wine drinking. In November, Deadspin published a fairly extensive breakdown of Lozano’s past. You can read the whole thing over there, but I’ll just pick out the part that centers on Pujols. From Deadspin:

The grand plan, which he thought foolproof enough to allow him to leave BHSC, was a $200 million-plus contract, with Lozano taking four or five percent. When that ship comes in he’ll be able to repay his players everything they’ve allegedly lent him, with money left over.

“It all hinges on Albert,” one agent says. “He’s got this house of cards, but there’s really only one sure thing in the deck. He’s built his entire career on the back of Albert. Pujols basically saved this guy’s life twice, and he and his wife still have no idea what he’s really about.”

What is Dan Lozano really about? “I don’t think even he knows anymore,” says a person who’s known Lozano for 15 years. “He’s told these lies so many times, he believes them.”

If you believe all that, then Pujols sleeping in his guest bedroom is a way for Lozano to start paying back his cash cow. It also makes sense that Pujols would get away from Lozano’s home when his family is in town. You have to wonder if Lozano is still partying as hard, especially considering he’s now been paid.

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