Jamie Moyer, 49, Lost His 1st Start with the Rockies

Yes, we used a photo of Jamie Moyer pitching for the Cubs.

In 1987.

Moyer, improbably, started for the Rockies Saturday night. He’s 49 years old. This is his 25th season in the Majors. The Rockies – a franchise that didn’t exist when Moyer began his career (in 1986 after being drafted in 1984) – lost, 7-3. When he finally wins a game this season, he’ll be the oldest pitcher to do so in Major League history.

Moyer is older than eight current MLB managers.

He’s faced 8.9 percent of the hitters in the history of baseball.

A million other Jamie Moyer old facts were flying around twitter Saturday night. You’ll hear more of them every time he pitches.

Moyer turns 50 in November.

Because you want to see it first!

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