Marlins' Josh Johnson, Giancarlo Stanton, Ricky Nolasco and Randy Choate Look Like They Split a Limo On Prom Night

From left to right, this is Giancarlo Stanton, Randy Choate, Ricky Nolasco and Josh Johnson of the Miami Marlins. I assume thy are guys are taking pictures at Choate’s parent’s house before hopping in the limo to pick up their dates where they will split a 750 ml of Captain Morgan’s before heading to the senior prom.

In reality, these four made a stop at the House of Adam before leaving Cincinnati today after the Marlins finished dropping a weekend series against the Reds. As you can see, the guys are overflowing with swag, which can’t hurt following Miami’s 1-3 start to the season. Here’s Ozzie Guillen’s reaction to the suits.

[The Fish Pond]

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