Arkansas State Police Release Captain Lance King's Report on Bobby Petrino's Motorcycle Accident

Just plowed through the lengthy report from Captain Lance King of the Arkansas State police. King is the one who transported a bloody and bruised Petrino to the hospital. There’s a lot to sift through, but here’s what stood out:

* Petrino didn’t call his police buddy King looking for help out of a dicey situation. As King writes, he got a call from a “Sergeant Weaver,” who ran the plates on the downed motorcycle, and phoned King. Then King, who was grocery shopping, called Petrino to help and Dorrell called him back (Petrino was hurt badly and thought his neck was broken).

* Petrino, while groaning in pain in King’s car, told him a “gust of wind” blew him off his bike. I’ve never been on a motorcycle, so I have no idea if that’s a reasonable excuse.

* Petrino asked King on the phone – before meeting the media – “[was] passenger information required” and he was told just a name and address. [I’m sure this one will be interpreted a couple different ways.]

* When it came time for the police to decide about putting her name on the police report, “I didn’t ask [Petrino] the name and he didn’t ask me to keep her name off the report.” [Sorry folks, no nefarious cover-up.]

* King said there was no indication Petrino “had been drinking or was intoxicated”

The King-Petrino situation – as laid out here by King – makes it seem as if there was no grand cover up. What’s unclear is that the police talked to Petrino, were asking about Dorrell, plenty of people knew there was a passenger on the bike … why did he tell the media that he was only one on the bike? He had to know a police report would be made public, right?

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