Oklahoma City Website Finds That Skip Bayless' Claim He Was A Shoot-First Guard Who Started For State Finalist Does Not Add Up

Last week, while critiquing Russell Westbrook for his propensity to shoot too much as a point guard, Skip Bayless drew a parallel to his own athletic career on Twitter. “FYI: I started for high school team that lost in state finals. Coach didn’t like me b/c I shot too much and he wanted me to be more PG.”

Well, a website called TheLostOgle, which describes itself as “an ‘obscure’ social blog based out of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma,” did some digging to see if hometown hero Skip Bayless’ claims held up. After digging through old yearbooks and archives, they found his claim did not add up. Bayless did play for a team that went 20-2 and reached the state championship game as a senior. His junior year, he logged no minutes for the varsity, and started for the JV. His senior year, he participated in 15 of the 22 games and scored a total of 21 points, ninth most on the team. If he was a shoot-first point guard like Russell Westbrook, he really missed a lot of shots. This evidence doesn’t totally disprove Bayless’ claims, though. It’s entirely plausible that a team reached the state finals with a point guard with an effective field goal percentage of 5%.

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