Bobby Petrino Paid Jessica Dorrell $20,000 in Cash, Gave Her "Unfair and Undisclosed Advantage."

Bobby Petrino has been fired immediately with cause as Arkansas head coach. Assistant Taver Johnson will run the team through spring practice. AD Jeff Long has not made a decision on how the search process will play out and whether there will be an interim coach for the 2012 season. He is willing to wait for a “high-level” football coach.

Petrino knowingly misled the athletic department about the nature of his accident and did not avail himself of multiple opportunities to be forthcoming.

Petrino had had a relationship with Dorrell for “a significant period of time.” The relationship itself was not a violation of university policy. Not disclosing his relationship with her before hiring her for a position that had 159 applications did violate university policy, giving her an “unfair and undisclosed advantage.”

Petrino also revealed a $20,000 cash payment to Dorrell. Long declined to be specific about when the payment occurred.

He “negatively and adversely affected the University of Arkansas.” Long replied affirmatively when asked if he thought Petrino felt himself bigger than the program.

Here’s video of Arkansas AD Jeff Long talking to the media.

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