Charlie Strong is Upset at the Louisville Media, So He's Banned Them

Charlie Strong, Louisville’s football coach, has banned the local media from covering the team. It’s unclear if this is a temporary thing, or whether Strong will follow though on his ban throughout the season.

Why the ban? According to Adam Lefkoe, an ESPN radio host in Louisville, Strong is perturbed the local media went gaga for Rick Pitino’s Louisville Cardinals making a run to the Final 4. The basketball team hogged all the media coverage and apparently, Strong thinks the spotlight should have been on the football team during Spring practice. (You can read a little more on the subject here.)

Hey Charlie, quick question – when Billy Donovan’s Gators were winning back-to-back titles in Gainesville during the Tim Tebow era, did Urban Meyer ever try to pull a stunt like this?

It’s a very curious move by Strong, who actually has a formidable team this season. They’ve gone to two bowl games in a row, and are in line for a BCS berth this season (especially with West Virginia off to the Big 12). The defense could be Top 10 in the country (don’t laugh) and QB Teddy Bridgewater will be the best at his position in the Big East (not saying much, I know). The biggest key to a 10 or 11 win season is a soft schedule. If they beat UNC …

Because you want to see it first!

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